How Much Can My Property Make?

The amount of revenue your property will generate depends on multiple factors. The first to consider is the size of your home and how many guests could be accommodated. The more heads in beds, the higher the nightly rates. The next factor to be considered is the kind of amenities your home has such as a hot tub, pool table, patio, ski or downtown access, etc. Next and maybe most important, is how well your home will photograph. The best short-term rental listing photos create a mood that the viewer wants to be a part of.

Will My House Get Damaged?

Accidents will inevitably happen over time. However, this is no different than when accommodating a long-term renter. With that said, one of the advantages of accommodating short-term renters is that your home gets maintained in between guests! If something is broken, it gets fixed before the next guest arrives. Therefore your home is always kept in “for sale” condition.

Who Are Your Typical Renters?

Anybody from skiers, business professionals, individuals visiting family, remote workers, etc. The short-term rental market is growing by the day.

How Often Will My House Be Rented?

It depends on the season, but with our dynamic pricing strategy, we are able to keep a high occupancy level. On average, it will range from 70% – 100%.

Can I Schedule Time In My Home?

Yes! That’s another huge advantage of operating as a short-term rental. You can still use your home when you would like, and included with Alpenglow’s service is an app that gives the ability to easily block out any available date in seconds.

What Are The Benefits Of Short-Term Vs Long-Term Rentals?

As mentioned above your home is maintained in “for sale” condition, you can still use your home when you would like, and of course, you can earn much more, giving you a greater return on your investment!

Why Should I Have Property Manager Instead Of Doing It Myself?

Some folks have the time and want to manage their own STR. At Alpenglow, we’re happy to consult and figure out if that’s the case for you, and we will even encourage it. If you’d rather not deal with guest messaging, check-ins and check-outs, cleanings, maintenance, supply runs, etc… that is part of what we do best. Also, with our dynamic pricing strategy, we adjust rates based on occupancy levels and supply and demand. By doing this, we maximize the amount of revenue that can be generated out of your property, and therefore, our management essentially pays for itself.

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